Entera delivers state-of-the-art e-Faxing, SMS/MMS, e-Mailing, IVR/IVN, eTelex solutions.

Business operations require diversified yet integrated communications methods. Entera provides a unified, manageable, secure, efficient and cost effective platform to answer all business communications needs. Entera holds fax and SMS services licenses in Germany and Turkey. Entera’s software is entirely developed internally; with a strategic partnership with Silverpop, the world’s leading email marketing automation provider.

Years in operation

million fax pages processed annually

Corporate customers

Solution provider for all business communications

Services & Solutions

Fax Solutions

Entera is Turkey’s only licensed fax services provider. With state-of-the-art email-to-fax and fax-to-email services, Entera’s system enables customers to monitor, view, search, classify, forward and store all incoming faxes with optional enhanced features such as bar-code recognition and automated forms processing.

IVR/IVN Solutions

Entera’s IVR/IVN solutions , manage hundreds to thousands of phone messages and announcements at once. Pre-recorded messages can be played to either answering machines and individuals. It can be installed quickly and managed easily and can be integrated with all types of call center infrastructures. Entera’s solutions help IVR/IVN campaigns and/or activities to be monitored effectively, resulting in increase of  customer satisfaction, cost control and productivity.

Private Cloud Systems

Entera delivers virtualization and paravirtualization solutions for cloud systems complemented by private cloud management. Software defined networking, secure enterprise block and object storage systems and identity management are Entera’s strengths.

IT Infrastructure, Engineering & Consultancy Services

Entera designs, builds and manages state-of-the-art IT infrastructure harmonizing the expectations of its customers with field proven engineering methodologies and technologies.

SMS/MMS Solutions

Entera is one of the few SMS/MMS service providers in Turkey, providing global SMS coverage. With our unique, easy to use system and web interface, customers are able to send bulk or individual SMS messages online. We also provide a set of fully featured web/desktop applications, along with a collection of rich APIs allowing for integration to/from any application.

Email Marketing Solutions

Entera offers innovative solutions thorugh its strategic partner Silverpop, the world’s leading email marketing automation provider.

eTelex Solutions

With Entera’s eTelex services a company can take full advantage of the service immediately after registration. Thanks to Entera’s eTelex software a compnay can increase efficiency by sending and receiving telex communications directly from any computer, sending messages to multiple telex numbers or a combination of telex, email and fax addresses; receive telex communication delivery confirmations by email.

Datacenters across Europe & USA


Uptime service quality

Years of average customer loyalty

Trees saved annually

Industry-specific Solutions


Entera’s financial messaging solutions provide delivering of the statements, bills, approvals, warnings, customer instructions, policies, and similar workflow documents to the customers by email or fax easily, completely safe and very fast. All documentation from clients in the same way is delivered directly to the relevant person via electronic mail. Our secure fax solution allows financial firms to fax with enhanced security and document privacy, enabling cost reduction and improved productivity.


Faxing is an integral part of transportation, logistics, and automotive industries. Our time-saving solution relieves businesses from manually managing the production and delivery of business documents. Entera’s eFax solution provides advanced, highly automated, supply chain order and management services that can help accelerate order processing, enhance accuracy and reduce costs. Invoices, purchase orders, shipping documents, schedules, credit/debit adjustments flow securely and cost-effectively over the global network.


Entera’s system allows travel businesses to appropriately send and receive important travel documents, reservations, contracts, fair announcements, campaigns, promotions and billing information via email. Once signed online, the documents can then returned or forwarded by email. Our digital storage service eliminates paper clutter and allows access to securely and digitally stored faxed documents.


Insurance companies are very much dependent on fax services as it is the default method for completing policies and providing additional supporting documents. Our service automates the inbound and outbound transmission of important form information securely and in conformity with industry regulations and legal requirements, replacing your fax platform and work processes with a fully-automated policy creation and delivery workflow.

Entera's eFaxing solutions

Easy to Use

You can send and receive faxes by email from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Cost saving

No capital cost, renewal fees or user lisence fees. No fixed monthly telecom expenses or maintenance costs. No paper, ink or electricity expenses.


No more standing by the fax machine waiting for a fax, no more waiting in line to send a fax, no more waiting for delivery confirmations. Entera will receive and send your fax and provide you with a detailed report.


Easily integrated into existing systems. Scheduling system available.

High capacity

Instead of using hundreds of fax machines, phone lines and staff, our system enables clients to send a fax via by email within seconds and receive a delivery report.


With Entera’s efax clients not only save money but also help the environment by using less paper, toner, and electricity.


About Entera

Founded in 1999, Entera provides Business Messaging Solutions and holds the necessary Telecoms Service Provider licenses in Turkey and Germany. Entera provides fax, SMS, telex, email, intelligent voice notification and electronic data interchange solutions in this context. With more than 3000 corporate customers, including several global companies, Entera is highly focused on solving the customers’ messaging needs eliminating any burden on the client’s side. Advantages include but not limited to eliminate any installation, setup, upgrade and maintenance of any internal fax server and software setup. Entera provides Fax broadcast, Email-to-fax and Fax-to-email services, while Entera is one of the few SMS (text message) service providers in Turkey. Entera provides global SMS coverage. Meanwhile it also provides email marketing and email marketing automation services. Entera’s inbound fax system enables customers to monitor, view, search, classify, forward and store all their incoming faxes, with optional enhanced features such as barcode recognition and automated forms processing. Entera is continuing the adaptation ISO 27001 Information Security Management System standards, makes Entera the one and only in its region.

Is fax not an obsolete need?
While faxing may be perceived as a declining obsolete technology, the statistics tell another story.


With an estimated 200 million fax machines generating over 120 billion fax pages around the world, fax technology is a business critical communications tool.

A study by Gallup/Pitney Bowes estimates that on average, each Fortune 1000 company, on average, spends $15 million annually on faxing. All in all, the fact remains that most businesses simply cannot afford to run their businesses without fax facility.

What is fax Service-as-a-Platform (SaaP)?
Most companies have years of legacy fax systems in place. Fax servers had been the solution of choice for medium and large organizations due in large part to their automations and integration capability versus individual fax machines.
Fax servers offered a technological upgrade to a critical function, providing desktop and production faxing in a somewhat centralized configuration.

As these servers reach their end of life, IT managers are looking to outsource faxing to a SaaS model as hasbeen done successfully for other software applications such as sales force automation, human capital management, and marketing automation. Even the most critical business systems are now candidates moving to SaaS.

How big is the fax services market globally?
Over 400 billion minutes of faxing occur annually.

The overall fax service industry will increase from $1,365 million in 2013 to $2,795 million in 2018, a 15.9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

How much do big companies spend on faxing?
A study by Gallup/Pitney Bowes estimates that on average, each Fortune 1000 company, on average, spends $15 million annually on faxing.
Which are the largest fax markets in the world?
Two of the worlds most developed market also happen to be the world’s largest fax markets: Germany and Japan.
What does Gartner have to say about the fax market?
As an information technology research and advisory company, Gartner Inc. portrays a clear picture for the need of fax services:

“Businesses will continue to rely on fax for many of their most important business‐to‐business and business‐to‐consumer communications.”

How does Entera compete with global rivals?

Harboring the experience, infrastructure and know-how in its field, Entera has developed and is still developing all its technology in-house, hence owning third-party free solutions. As a 100% Turkish company, Entera is able to deliver at least 50% cost/efficiency vis-a-vis its international competitors.

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