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About Us

Since 1999, Entera has been a leader in developing cutting-edge technological solutions. Leveraging its knowledge and experience, Entera designs and provides unique and innovative solutions that meet the diverse needs of hundreds of companies from various industries.

Entera's solutions for workflow optimization, document transmission, information security, and cost savings enhance efficiency in business processes. These solutions boost productivity and contribute to reducing carbon footprints and greenhouse gas emissions for both Entera and its partners. This commitment aligns with social responsibility and sustainability goals.

All solutions offered by Entera are scalable, customizable, and easily integrated with existing systems, making them suitable for organizations of different sectors and sizes.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to drive the transformation of the business world with leadership and help organizations shape the success of tomorrow with secure, innovative and sustainable digital solutions. As Entera Technology, we aim to offer the most up-to-date and customized solutions to our customers by following technological progress. With our solution-oriented approach to data security and business process efficiency, we work to help our customers strengthen their competitive advantage and further their success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase efficiency and ensure security by supporting the digital transformation of businesses. As Entera Technology, we aim to offer our customers better ways of doing business with innovative solutions and maximize their success. With the principles of quality, trust and continuous development, we strive to understand the needs of institutions, provide solutions and keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.

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Advanced Security Features

We offer advanced security measures for businesses concerned about data security. We enable our customers to keep their business data safe by providing features such as comprehensive encryption, access controls, and secure authentication to minimize data leakage and unauthorized access.

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Our product range offers solutions for the needs of the business world with comprehensive integration features. Thanks to our technological infrastructure, our products optimize your business processes by establishing seamless communication between different platforms. These integration capabilities accelerate data flow, strengthen instant decision-making processes and maximize resource utilization.

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Fast and Effective Support Services

We respond quickly to customers and provide support when they encounter any problems. Our expert teams provide 24/7 service to quickly resolve any disruptions experienced by businesses and provide an uninterrupted experience.

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Customized Solutions

By understanding the different needs of customers, we offer specially designed solutions for businesses. By meeting the unique needs of businesses, we enable business processes to be managed more efficiently and effectively.

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Make print jobs secure, scannable and reportable.

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Entera DCM

Document scanning, interpretation and management system

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High performance authentication system

faks yönetim sistemi, güvenli faks yönetimi


Secure, scannable and reportable corporate fax management system

Contact us

Contact us to get information about our secure & customizable solutions that improve and simplify your business processes and to get a demo version.

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