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Faks yönetim sistemi
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Secure Fax Management System

Reportable & Managed Fax System

Entera's SecuriFAX solution enables organizations to effectively manage all incoming and outgoing fax traffic through servers located within the organization by Entera. This solution has advanced and open API capabilities and can easily integrate with organizations' existing ERP, CRM, ECM and other established applications. Thanks to this integration, high-volume, secure and fully auditable fax transmission is ensured.

Entera SecuriFAX is an important tool to increase the efficiency of businesses. It prevents manual processes and inefficient use of manpower resources, reduces time loss and minimizes paper consumption. In addition, it ensures the communication security of institutions by reducing the risks arising from fax machines and insecure e-mail communication.

faks yönetim sistemi securifax
securifax faks yönetim sistemi

Secure Fax
Traffic Management

Bankwide Automatic Fax

Document Sharing


Data Security

It ensures compliance with security protocols and confidentiality by electronically transmitting documents that cannot be modified.


It prevents confidentiality issues arising from the use of fax machines in common areas.

Easy Integration

By seamlessly integrating into many sectoral applications such as ECM, ERG, CRM and digital switchboard solutions, it adds value to the systems in which investments have already been made and increases the efficiency of these systems in business processes.

Cost Saving

By transmitting documents digitally, it significantly reduces the cost of document transmission.

Access Security

It ensures encrypted transmission of sent and received faxes and therefore prevents unauthorized access.

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