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Yeni nesil kimlik doğrulama sistemi

High Performance Authentication System

Multi-Channel and High-Access Authentication 

It is a multi-channel and high-access authentication system that can work synchronously with different authentication infrastructures (MS Active Directory / LDAP).

It enables multi-layered and different authentication scenarios with its advanced API and integration capabilities.

OTP tek kullanımlık şifre

Safe and Fast Algorithm System

With its advanced security features, SecuriPASS both increases security and prevents recurring attacks. It does not require a physical token, thus avoiding extra hardware costs. The passwords generated are valid for a limited period of time and are easy to install and integrate. It provides unpredictable and unstealable passwords using different algorithms. With its user-friendly structure, it offers a practical and fast authentication experience in business processes.

OTP tek kullanımlık şifre

User verification for Wi-Fi usage in businesses

Verifying user information in website memberships made over the internet

If 3D secure is used for online shopping

Information for transactions such as online shopping, account transactions and reservations

Authentication at login for internet banking transactions


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SecuriPASS One-Time Password Infrastructure, which is a product of Entera's R&D studies in the field of Mobile Banking, is a software-based server solution that can be used in channels requiring multi-factor authentication such as Internet Branch, Mobile Branch, Call Center and ATM.

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